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Critic’s Appreciation: Andre Braugher Was an Intensely Dramatic, Intensely Funny Actor’s Actor

From 'Homicide: Life on the Street' to 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' the unexpected arc of Braugher's career was a testament to the rare breadth of his talent.

“My Second Father”: Rob Reiner Remembers Norman Lear

I was about 8 years old when I first met Norman Lear. My dad, Carl Reiner, was working on Sid Caesar’s Show of Shows and Norman was writing for Colgate Comedy Hour, so they were both in New York. In those days, it was a small world of people who trafficked in sketch comedy. Mel […]

Seven Lessons From the New Golden Globe Awards Voters’ First Nominations

Nominations for the 2024 Golden Globe Awards were announced Monday morning. And beneath the headlines hyping Barbie and Succession’s dominance among the competing works in film and TV, respectively, there’s a bit more to unpack about this year — one that marks a new era for a most unusual awards show.  The Golden Globes have […]

Golden Globes Film Noms Analysis: The Awards Group Is Said to Be Improved; Its Nominees Certainly Are

The first Golden Globe Award nominations issued by the new Golden Globes organization — an overhaul of the late Hollywood Foreign Press Association, with a lot of new members, new rules and a new broadcasting partner in CBS — were issued early Monday morning, and you know what? They’re pretty unobjectionable. Yes, the categories are larger than […]

A TV News Reporter on Israel-Hamas Fog of War, Truth and Combating Conspiracies (Guest Column)

More than 60 days into the war, it’s hard to pinpoint a single moment that stands out. The coverage has been a series of moments. Many horrifying, sad, scary and unpredictable. Every day reporters on the ground — I’ve been in Israel covering the conflict for Fox News since it started on the morning of […]

Hollywood Rabbis Prepare for Fraught Hanukkah: “This Is the First Time I’ve Seen People Really Afraid”

The entertainment industry’s rabbis say that in the eight weeks since Oct. 7 — a horrific chapter in Jewish history encompassing Hamas’ massacre, Israel’s ensuing Gaza invasion and the worldwide response to it all — their congregations have been roiled by crises of identity and safety not experienced in America since the Holocaust. These faith […]

Why This Year’s Other Critically Acclaimed Movie Starring Lily Gladstone Hasn’t Been Picked Up (Guest Column)

As Indigenous woman filmmakers, we knew that our path through the industry would be narrow and that our film, Fancy Dance, would have a small window for success based on the abysmal record of representation for Indigenous folx in Hollywood. As such, we channeled our collective wills as granddaughters of Dust Bowl survivors, descendants of […]

If Other Executives Trolled Critics Like Casey Bloys…

How intense is the pressure of being CEO of HBO? You’re constantly calling Kim Cattrall, enduring the other execs at Craig’s passive aggressively asking how “Max” is going, and ever since his show ended, dealing with John Wilson filming outside your house. But the worst part of the job is that TV critics can just […]

A Wholly Serious and Non-Exhaustive List of 74 Things Hollywood Needs to Ensure a Viable Future (Guest Column)

The Black List founder Franklin Leonard unveils his modest proposal(s) for the industry to help itself.

“Like When a Beatle Dies”: Hollywood Unpacks Why Matthew Perry’s Loss Feels So Massive

I watched Friends when it originally aired. I was in college in the 1990s, when the sitcom launched and became a cultural phenomenon. I carved Thursday nights out of my calendar, reserving the 8 p.m. hour for my Friends obsession, refusing to go out until after my weekly visit with Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. I was […]

Critic’s Notebook: Three Debut Features Give Depth and Dimension to Black Mothers

A.V. Rockwell's 'A Thousand and One,' Savanah Leaf's 'Earth Mama' and now Raven Jackson's 'All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt' are revelatory dramas that shape and shade more complex screen representations of Black mothers.

Warner Bros. Exec Recalls Casting Chandler: “It Was Magic”

Friends was and is a blessing to so many people around the world. And so was Matthew Perry. The alchemy of brilliant writing, a stellar cast, voice-of-a-generation twentysomethings, and hilarity and emotionality in abundance, made it a wonderful series in 1994 — and unbeknown to all of us, were the ingredients to continue to impact generations […]