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Brian Davids


Since 2018, Brian Davids has conducted over 600 interviews for The Hollywood Reporter, writing primarily out of THR’s genre vertical, Heat Vision. Prior to THR, Davids owned and operated his own marketing company for a decade.

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‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Star Anna Sawai on That Midseason Revelation and Her Three Consecutive High-Profile Shows

[This story contains spoilers for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ fifth episode, “The Way Out.”] Monarch: Legacy of Monsters star Anna Sawai has top billing on Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse spinoff series that also includes Kurt and Wyatt Russell. Her starring role is bookended by lead roles on the streamer’s critically acclaimed drama series, Pachinko, and FX/Hulu’s […]

‘Leave the World Behind’ Filmmaker Sam Esmail on Those ‘Mr. Robot’ Connections and Using the ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ Playbook

[This story contains spoilers for Leave the World Behind.] Sam Esmail’s Leave the World Behind currently ranks atop Netflix’s film chart, and longtime fans of the filmmaker are now decoding its place in his greater universe of storytelling. Ten minutes into the thriller, Mr. Robot buffs likely picked up on a familiar site: a yellow […]

Jodie Comer Talks ‘The End We Start From,’ ‘Bikeriders’ Delay and Online Casting Rumors

Jodie Comer is no stranger to rave reviews, but The End We Start From is the first time she’s received them for the unfamiliar role of a mother. The Emmy winner has briefly played mothers in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Duel, but Comer considers Mahalia Belo’s survival drama to be […]

‘Wonka’ Director Paul King Talks Gene Wilder References and Why It Was Time to Let Go of Paddington

Paul King’s road to Wonka began with a tough choice between marmalade and chocolate. After two beloved films about a marmalade-loving bear named Paddington, King opted to take on a prequel to Mel Stuart’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) instead of completing a Paddington trilogy of sorts. With Paddington having such extensive source […]

‘Fargo’ Star David Rysdahl Reveals Original Film Easter Eggs and Teases ‘Alien’ Series

[This story contains spoilers from Fargo season five, episode four, “Insolubilia.”] For the last five years, Fargo star David Rysdahl has been quietly turning in a number of quality performances, and now the audience and industry alike are catching on. Beginning with Dead Pigs, Cathy Yan’s feature directorial debut premiered at 2018’s Sundance Film Festival […]

‘Silent Night’ Director John Woo Explains Why He’s Dialed Back His Signature Action Style

From The Killer’s church shootout to Mission: Impossible 2’s motorcycle chase, John Woo’s over-the-top action style has been the stuff of legend for many decades, but now, at 77, the Hong Kong filmmaker has changed up his approach, beginning with the virtually dialogue-free revenge thriller Silent Night. The Joel Kinnaman-led actioner is Woo’s first American […]

Producer Kevin J. Walsh on How ‘Napoleon’ Achieved the Best of Both the Streaming and Theatrical Worlds

In 2015, producer Kevin J. Walsh was clearing out a last-minute parking lot location for Manchester by the Sea’s most memorable scene, and just seven years later, he found himself on one of several battlefields that would define Ridley Scott’s latest historical epic, Napoleon. Financed by Apple Original Films and distributed by Sony, the Joaquin […]

Director Andrew Davis Explains Why They Don’t Make Movies Like ‘The Fugitive’ Anymore

Every now and then, someone on social media will lament about why they don’t make movies like The Fugitive anymore. For Fugitive director Andrew Davis, the decrease in crime dramas and thrillers that are primarily geared toward grown-ups actually dates back much further than the blockbuster craze of the past 15 years.  With the film, […]

How ‘A Murder at the End of the World’ Creators’ ‘The OA’ Misfortune Fueled Their New Series

A Murder at the End of the World creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are a resilient duo. Instead of letting disappointment linger, the longtime creative partners quickly rebounded after the cancellation of their beloved genre-bender The OA and channeled its many profound takeaways into their next story. The Netflix series struck a deep chord […]

Daisy Ridley Talks ‘The Marsh King’s Daughter’ and Her ‘Star Wars’ Return

Daisy Ridley has a lot going on these days, but she made a point to carve out some time to support The Marsh King’s Daughter, a film that was a promotional casualty of the now-resolved SAG-AFTRA strike. The English actor has plenty of reasons to be proud of her work in Neil Burger’s thriller, as […]

‘Hunger Games’ Director Francis Lawrence Talks That Ending and ‘Constantine 2’ Optimism

[This story contains spoilers for The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.] Prequels are tough to get right. For every Better Call Saul, there are ten more stories that failed to enrich the works that came before them. However, Francis Lawrence’s The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes manages to not […]

‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Director Matt Shakman on Leading a Second Film Franchise to TV and Those Exhausting ‘Fantastic Four’ Rumors

[This story contains mild spoilers for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’s second episode, “Departure.”] It hadn’t occurred to Matt Shakman until now that Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and WandaVision both handed him a similar assignment. In each case, the sought-after director had to lead a successful film franchise into television for the first time and explore […]