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Abbey White

Associate Editor & News Writer

Abbey White is an associate editor and news writer for The Hollywood Reporter’s digital team, where they also report, edit and web produce features spanning film, TV, awards, theater, animation, children's & family, inclusion and more. A Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY alum, they’ve been recognized as a 2022 Curve Emerging Journalist, ASME Awards finalist, National A&E Journalism Awards winner and GLAAD Media Award nominee, among other honors.

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Jamie Foxx Celebrates Birthday, Thanks Those Who Prayed “When I Was In a Bad Way” After Medical Complication

Jamie Foxx is celebrating his 56th birthday by giving thanks to those who supported him after he was hospitalized following a medical complication earlier this year. The actor and producer shared a brief message of appreciation on Instagram on Wednesday, calling this birthday “a special one.” “I wanna start by saying thank you to everyone […]

‘Hazbin Hotel’ Trailer Teases Peak Inside the Last Place for Salvation in A24 Adult Animated Musical Comedy

At Hazbin Hotel, creatures of the underworld can set aside their taste for blood, violence and depravity of a sexual nature for a chance at salvation in the first trailer for the Prime Video animated series. The preview offers a first look at the Vivienne Medrano-created anticipated adult animated musical comedy series based on Medrano’s […]

‘Lakota Nation vs. United States’ Directors on Capturing the Evolving Battle for Indigenous Land Rights: We’re “Still Hemorrhaging People”

In Jesse Short Bull and Laura Tomaselli’s nearly two-hour documentary, Lakota Nation vs. United States, the filmmaking duo captures the history, present and future hopes of the indigenous peoples of the Dakotas through a singular issue: land. That issue, according to the film written and narrated by Layli Long Soldier, is at the core of […]

Oprah Says She’s Using a Medically Approved Prescription for Managing Her Weight After Years of “Yo-Yoing”

Oprah Winfrey says that she’s “released my own shame” about using a prescription weight loss drug after years of media scrutiny about her body and guilt about her “yo-yoing” weight. The media mogul revealed she had added a weight loss drug to her existing “holistic approach” to diet and exercise in a new People cover […]

Taylor Swift Biographical Comic Reveals “Dazzler” Variant Cover Ahead of December Release

TidalWave Comics reveals a new era — or rather, cover — for its upcoming Taylor Swift bio comic. The variant reveals come a month after Female Force: Taylor Swift, the latest title from the TidalWave’s biographical comic series, was first announced. Penned by Eric M. Esquivel and illustrated by Ramon Salas, the 22-page comic is set […]

‘Raising Hope’ Actress Kate Micucci Reveals She Underwent Surgery to Remove Lung Cancer: “I’m All Good”

Raising Hope and The Big Bang Theory actress Kate Micucci says she’s on her way to recovery after undergoing surgery for lung cancer. Micucci shared a video over the weekend in which, sitting in a gown inside her hospital room, she revealed that she was recovering following a procedure to remove the cancer. The nearly […]

Stephen Colbert Details Hospitalization, Recovery for Ruptured Appendix: “I Was Not Aware of the Amount of Trouble I Was In”

Stephen Colbert returned to The Late Show on Monday night after taking several weeks off to treat a ruptured appendix, revealing that he dropped 14 pounds after experiencing blood poisoning. Appearing behind his desk for the first time in three weeks, the host and comedian spent the opening of Monday’s show detailing the medical emergency, […]

Nicki Minaj Addresses Controversial COVID-19 Vaccine Claims From 2021: “I Like to Make My Own Assessment”

Nicki Minaj is addressing critics who took on her COVID-19 vaccine claims in 2021, including that a friend of a family member in Trinidad developed “swollen testicles” after getting the shot. In a December cover story for Vogue, the Grammy-winning rapper opened up about motherhood, returning to music with her newest album Pink Friday 2, […]

David Hyde Pierce on Why He Didn’t Return for ‘Frasier’ Reboot: “They Don’t Actually Need Me”

David Hyde Pierce says that his absence from the Frasier reboot wasn’t due to hard feelings — but a busy schedule and a new story to tell that made him decide to pass on the Paramount+ reboot. The actor, who notably played Niles Crane, the younger brother to Kelsey Grammer’s Dr. Frasier Crane, opened up […]

How Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur Helped the 2023 Media Access Awards Make History

When Marlee Matlin began her career 35 years ago, she says there was “nothing” in terms of accessibility in the awards industry space. But that’s begun to change, especially following her film CODA’s best picture win in 2022, including at the 2023 Oscars, where she saw a “significant improvement.” “I’ve seen changes in award shows […]

Kevin Turen, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘The Idol’ Producer, Cause of Death Revealed as Cardiac Event

Euphoria and X producer Kevin Turen died in November from cardiac dysfunction and heart disease, according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office. The producer’s cause of death was officially cited as acute cardiac dysfunction and hypertrophic heart disease, with the medical examiner also reporting coronary artery atherosclerosis as a significant contributing factor. The manner […]

‘Halo’ Season 2 Trailer Teases More Action-Packed Battles in the War Against the Covenant

Paramount+ has released an intense first look at the second season of Halo, promising more battles in this next chapter for Master Chief and the search for the key to humankind’s salvation or its extinction. Showrunner David Wiener, star Pablo Schreiber and new cast member Joseph Morgan unveiled the new footage as part of a […]